Fortnite Rift Tour Quests: How To Unlock All Rift Tour Rewards

The Fortnite Rift Tour has come to an end, but the Rift Tour Quests live on. Epic continues its week-long celebration of the Rift Tour following Ariana Grande’s awesome in-game performance, and players can earn more cosmetics related to the concert. In all but one case, they need not to have even caught the show. Here’s your full guide to all Rift Tour Quests.

Rift Tour Quests

You can jump into Fortnite any time starting July 29 and earn Rift Tour cosmetics for free by completing Rift Tour Quests. It’s an easier to-do list than the typical weekly challenges, but we’ve gone ahead and provided solutions to each quest just in case you’re stuck.

Interact With The Rift Tour Posters

For this quest, you’ll need to find the promotional posters scattered across the island. They can be found at the following locations:

  • Believer Beach
  • Risky Reels
  • Misty Meadows
  • Retail Row
  • Retail Row
Rift Tour poster locations
Rift Tour poster locations

In each case, the posters are plastered to outside walls all over the locations, and you only need to interact with a single poster to complete the challenge.

Reward: Rift-sterpiece Spray

Use An Alien Hologram Pad On Top Of The Party UFO

For this challenge, you’ll want to drop on the center UFO Abductor–the one with the countdown timer– and look for a hologram pad. More holograms will be appearing in the days ahead, but if you’re there as early as you can be, you’ll already find one hologram pad that grants temporary low-gravity movement. Simply interact with it to complete this quest. Both the previous Rift Tour Quest and this one offer Party Assist too, meaning only one person in your squad needs to perform the tasks for all players in the squad to complete the challenge.

Reward: Cloudy Kitty Sticker

Save The Date In The Rift Tour Tab And Play A Match

As mentioned, the Social tab has been temporarily replace with the Rift Tour tab. Navigate to it from within the battle royale main menu and RSVP to the show, then simply load into a round of battle royale. Once completed, you’ll have earned the third Rift Tour Quest reward.

Reward: Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen

Attend The Rift Tour

This quest is no longer achievable as the Rift Tour is now over. You can catch a full replay of the Rift Tour right here though, so if you missed it, you can still catch up with the concert even as you can’t get the glider.

Reward: Cuddly Cloudcruiser Glider

Post-Rift Tour Quests

Following the Rift Tour, Epic released more Rift Tour Quests which are live in the game as of August 9. You can find these much simpler quests below.

  • Play matches with friends (10)
  • Reach top 25 with friends (5)
  • Use an alien hologram pad at Weeping Woods or Green Steel Bridge
  • Complete post-Rift Tour Quests (3)

While the rewards for these new quests have yet to be revealed, they’re mostly self-explanatory. For the first two, simply squad up with at least one other person and play 10 rounds. Provided you’ve come in the top 25 in at least half of those rounds, you’ll finish off two of the new Rift Tour Quests. While Weeping Woods is easy enough to spot from your map, the hologram pad is harder. Find it outside the lone northwestern log cabin. If you’re looking for the Green Steel Bridge, it’s the one just southeast of Corny Complex. The alien hologram pad is at the south end on top of a concrete slab beside the road.

On August 16, even more Rift Tour Quests will appear in-game. Here they are, along with challenges.

  • Play matches with friends (10)
  • Open Cosmic Chests (2)
  • Use an alien hologram pad at Risky Reels or the Sheriff’s Office
  • Complete post-Rift Tour Quests (3)

The first two are again pretty self-explanatory. Remember that Cosmic Chests don’t spawn in solo queues. If the concept is totally new to you, here’s how to open a Cosmic Chest. For the alien hologram pads, you can find one in Risky Reels (north of The Aftermath) among the playground equipment. Meanwhile, at the Sheriff’s Office (on the hill northwest of Lazy Lake), find the hologram pad beside the outhouse toilet.

Once you complete all Rift Tour Quests, you’ll have finished off the concert once and for all, leaving you and us alike wondering who will headline the apparently annual Fortnite concert series in 2022.

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