Fortnite: Where To Place Video Cameras – Week 10 Legendary Quest

Among the Fortnite Week 10 challenges, you’ll need to place video cameras at different ship landing locations. This is another story-driven quest that paints a fuller picture of Slone’s relentless efforts to gather data on the aliens. She’s been obsessed with driving them back all season, and though her efforts have not totally been in vain, she’s losing the battle. Still, she can’t stop now, and she’s enlisting your help when this challenge goes live on August 11 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. Here’s where to place video cameras in Fortnite.

Fortnite Video Camera Locations – Week 10

There are three different locations you’ll need to travel to this week to complete this challenge, and unlike some other quests, you must visit all three at least once to complete the challenge. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it in one round, though it’s fine if you do, of course. You’ll first want to head to Retail Row and place a video camera on the southern hillside looking down into town.

Once you’ve done so, head west to the next town over. At Lazy Lake, the same logic applies. Slone is running a covert operation, so the camera will be on the northeastern hillside looking down into the town to capture the best evidence.

From there head southwest to Misty Meadows and look for the camera interaction location at the far east end, once more atop a northeastern hill, within this lakeside town. Placing a camera at all three spots in any order will complete this challenge for you and get you one step closer to finishing off the Week 10 challenges.

Fortnite video camera locations are spread across three locations.

Doctor Slone is hellbent on stopping the alien “trespassers,” but with Slurpy Swamp being abducted last week and more abductions likely on their way, it seems the Imagined Order’s boss is struggling to stay a step ahead of the invaders.

We’ve got about another month of Fortnite Season 7 to unravel before Season 8 premieres in September. Look to the skies this week not just for aliens, but for Superman too. Don’t forget to finish off the Rift Tour Quests while you’re at it.

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