Pokemon Unite Tier List – The Top Performing Pokemon For Master-Rank Players

Pokemon Unite is a well-balanced Pokemon MOBA, but like any competitive online game, some characters rise above the rest. That means tier rankings, as Pokemon divide into the best and worst performers.

To compile this tier rank, we looked at the Pokemon favored by the top 50 Master-level Pokemon Unite players. When compiling that much data, certain patterns emerge and some are clearly more favored than others. Cinderace, for example, ranked way above any of the competition among the top players, which makes it the lone S-Tier Pokemon.

Keep in mind, though, that these tier rankings aren’t a magic bullet. You won’t necessarily clean up the competition using Cinderace, and you won’t necessarily perform poorly using a lower-tier Pokemon like Cramorant or Garchomp. If you’ve found a Pokemon you enjoy playing and you’re pleased with your performance, stick with it. This tier list is to categorize the best Pokemon in top-ranked competitive play, so your mileage may vary.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Gardevoir has had significantly less time in play than the rest of the roster since it was added post-launch. This tier list was assembled by looking at the player patterns of Master-ranked players, and Gardevoir’s relatively shorter time in the wild could have impacted its ranking. It’s possible that with more time it will rise to a higher tier. And of course, these rankings are bound to be shaken up by meta shifts, new characters added, and any balance changes.

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Pokemon Unite Tier List



Ranged Attacker
Difficulty: Novice
Attack Type: Physical


Alolan Ninetails Ranged Attacker
Difficulty: Intermediate
Attack Type: Special
No Caption Provided
Snorlax Melee Defender
Difficulty: Novice
Attack Type: Physical
No Caption Provided




* Post launch character

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