Fortnite Minty Legends Pack Debuts This Fall

The Fortnite Minty Legends Pack is set to chill out in the Item Shop this fall, giving players three new skins and 10 total new items bundled together. The Minty Legends Pack releases on November 2 and will also include V-Bucks in the bundle, which has yet to be given a price.

The Minty Legends Pack focuses on three in-game skins, and all of them are original characters in the Fortnite universe. One of them is even an alternate look for a popular fan-made skin. Aura, Oro, and Bright Bomber have been reimagined as Fresh Aura, Skellemint Oro, and Minty Bomber respectively. Each character features a new color palette of cool colors such as blue, purple, and glowing green eyes like they just dropped onto the island out of a chewing gum-sponsored Battle Bus.

Though the full reveals of the remaining seven items weren’t shown off just yet, the accessories were detailed. Along with the three characters come three back blings, three pickaxes, and one wrap. You can see these unnamed accessories in the promo image below. All of this, plus 1,000 V-Bucks will be sold in the Item Shop for a dollar amount–not V-Bucks–starting on November 2.

The Minty Legends bring chilly new styles to Fortnite this November.

Epic tends to release these bundled character packs every few months and always seems to have one ready for the holiday season. Last year, it was the DC Comics-centric Last Laugh Bundle that got the holiday spotlight. It included the Fortnite debuts of DC villains Joker and Poison Ivy alongside a new alternate skin for Fortnite original Midas, clad in a suit of golden armor.

If the Minty Legends Pack is promoted just as past packs have been, you should be able to find physical cards with redemption codes in stores, but you’ll also be able to unlock the set in the digital store. It’s also safe to assume these characters will never be sold separately, as bundles like this never have been before–just ask Captain Marvel or Black Panther.

If you’ve got V-Bucks burning a hole through your e-pockets in the meantime, you can still find the Ariana Grande skin in the store for a few more days, or the new Free Guy skin too.

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