Fortnite: Best Landing Spots – Season 7

In Fortnite, like all battle royale games, you can sometimes win or lose based on where you land to start a match. The best landing spots can be thought of in different terms depending on the player. Dropping into heavy fire will sink your survival odds, but you could walk out as the sole survivor loaded with loot. Landing someplace quieter, far off the Battle Bus trajectory, may allow for a peaceful start, but will it get you optimal inventory to make it to the end? In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. Make sure to check back each season as the map changes and we update this article regularly with new and emerging favorable locations.

Steamy Stacks

Steamy Stacks is the easiest corner location to get out of quickly.

Steamy Stacks has been a reliable drop ever since Chapter 2 launched. It’s not changed much at all across these seven seasons, but that just makes it a reliable landing spot with each new season of Fortnite. We love Steamy Stacks for its abundant loot, its weapon upgrade station, and especially its titular stacks, which you can ride out of the northeast corner of the map in a hurry. Whether you travel by stack or the everpresent UFO located in the parking lot, you’ll leave Steamy Stacks with a full inventory and a quick getaway. It’s the only location where you can drop in, loot up, then use its natural features to re-drop into a new area.

Lake Canoe

Lake Canoe is a quiet start for wannabe anglers.
Lake Canoe is a quiet start for wannabe anglers.

This quaint locale packs a lot of loot into a small space. With one main building plus a few sheds surrounding the small lake, this landing spot already has plenty of loot to open in chests, but if you’re not satisfied, it also has tons of fishing spots and fishing rods, which should translate into full shields and great weapons. On top of that, it’s unnamed on the map, so it doesn’t usually get too crowded unless the Battle Bus is going right over it. There are always boats nearby too, and the lake feeds into the river that will take you south as needed.

Corny Complex

Corny Complex is the busiest spot on this list, but it also has the greatest rewards.

This central farmland seems to be reborn with every season, but it’s a mainstay of player activity thanks to it currently housing Doctor Slone and several IO henchmen. Taking out Slone will grant you her Mythic Pulse Rifle, a unique weapon that is always sought after–but crafty players are known to let others do that hard work for them, then swoop in and grab the overpowered rifle for themselves. As if that’s not enough, there’s also always a UFO in the barn as well as plentiful IO chests offering Season 7’s special weapons. Given how centralized it is on the map, you’re also virtually guaranteed to catch several early circles before finally being pushed out by the storm.

Catty Corner

Catty Corner hides an abundance of foraged items in its industrial framework.

While Catty Corner has plenty of weapons, health items, and even a bounty board for earning some bonus gold bars, it’s best used for another purpose: foraged items. You wouldn’t know it from the outside as the locale consists of a small machine shop and a gas station and little else, but inside the trailer and small snack shack alike are bountiful boxes of foraged items such as mushrooms, apples, bananas, and coconuts. The contents of these boxes are randomized, but they’re always a huge help in completing your seasonal milestone challenges for eating each of those items.

Camp Cod

Camp Cod has the best loot-to-peace and quiet ratio.

Perhaps the most underappreciated location in the entire Season 7 map, Camp Cod gives up optimal early-game distance from the center in favor of tons of loot in a typically totally vacated area. You’ll leave Camp Cod with everything you need, including a car or UFO, and likely never even see anyone else drop there. We overlooked it ourselves until Season 6 featured an NPC and helped us appreciate the region for its loot and tranqulity. Just be sure to grab one of those vehicles, because most rounds will see Camp Cod land outside the first circle.

Durrr Burger

Durrr Burger offers loot, foraged items, a UFO, and is nearby other great locations.

Fortnite veterans may notice a theme in this story, one that reveals favoritism for places with UFOs. That’s because the ships are still pretty OP even after two nerfs this season. Even if you’re not going to use them offensively, UFOs are a great, relatively quiet way of moving across the island quickly. Before you head off, be sure to load up on wood outside, where large pallets will quickly max out your inventory for late-game builds. Just watch out for the alien eggs in the basement. You’re not the only one heading to the restaurant for a quick bite.

Deep Woods Dish

Stealthy Stronghold lost its name but gained better loot in Season 7.

You can’t go wrong landing at any of the dish stations in Season 7, because they all helpfully contain a jump pad and several IO chests–not to mention their super speedy sedans. But of all the satellite command centers run by the IO this season, we most enjoy Deep Woods Dish because it gets neglected a lot. Formerly Stealthy Stronghold, this locale is no longer named on the map, so people overlook it more often than they should. That leaves you in a great position to grab a recon scanner, a pulse rifle, and maybe an Inflate-A-Bull before you launch yourself back to the center.

Holly Hatchery

Holly Hatchery looks ridiculous, but this residential area offers a few unique elements.

Holly Hedges has always been one of our favorite drops, and though its recent “Hatchery” makeover is extreme, we still can’t resist heading there first in many rounds. Alien nanites give the locale some fun low-gravity gameplay that can be mastered to your advantage, and though the space is patrolled by hostile “trespasser” aliens, they’re not too tough to take down and always drop a Kymera Ray Gun, which is a versatile energy rifle that fires a continuous beam of “rays” at enemies near and far. Take down the aliens, grab a car, and–if you’re playing with a team–ride off in shotgun, firing rays at unsuspecting enemies on the road.

From left: Holly Hatchery, Durrr Burger, Deep Woods Dish, Corny Complex, Camp Cod, Catty Corner, Lake Canoe, Steamy Stacks

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