Decentralized Streaming Music Service Audius Parnters with TikTok to Share Sounds for Artists

The global video streaming platform TikTok and the encrypted music streaming platform Audius have developed a new feature called “TikTok Sounds” to support users to share sounds to the TikTok platform through Audius.

Audius official Twitter releases a demo guideline footage to the public. This new feature simplifies the current music upload and selection process of TikTok. 

Audius users can use its Sound Kit function to share sounds to TikTok with up to 1 billion monthly active users.

In the statement, the founder of Audius Forrest Browning said:

“We’re proud to be one of the earliest launch partners for TikTok Sounds and to give the artists on Audius a chance to increase their exposure even more.”

The Audius protocol, built on Ethereum and Solana blockchain, provides a blockchain-based alternative to SoundCloud to help artists publish and monetize their work and distribute it directly to fans. 

Tiktok said that nearly 75% of US users currently use the TikTok platform to enjoy new music. However, according to the co-founder and CEO of Audius Roneil Rumburg, the current workflow for importing songs into TikTok is quite cumbersome:

“To avoid it, some artists even resort to holding their phone up to their laptop’s speakers to re-record the sound for TikTok. With the Audius integration, artists who have content on Audius are able to push it into TikTok with one click.”

Audius has raised a total of $8.6M in funding over two rounds.

As early as last month, The Solana Foundation has co-launched with music streaming service Audius and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Metaplex worth $5 million to attract influencers to build their artworks on Web 3.

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