Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Armor Guide: Where to Find All The Armor

Ghost of Tsushima‘s Iki Island content brings a whole lot of new collectibles, gear, and armor to uncover. In the armor department, Iki Island lets you deck out Jin Sakai in some great new looks, some of which change up what you can do in combat, and some of which just make you look awesome while slashing through Mongols.

Here’s a full rundown of all the armor you can find on Iki Island and how to claim it, whether its from secret Wind Shrines or the more-involved Mythic Tales. For more help finding all the things Ghost of Tsushima’s new content has to offer, check out our full roundup of Iki Island guides.

Armor Of The Colossus

The Armor of the Colossus recalls both the protagonist and the towering enemies of Shadow of the Colossus, found in the Shrine in Shadow in the south of Iki Island.

You can find the Shadow of the Colossus-themed Armor of the Colossus at the Shrine in Shadow, located near the southern coast of Iki, in the Buddha’s Footprints region. The location is a big Shadow of the Colossus Easter egg, and you’ll have to solve the riddle found within the shrine to unlock the armor.

Check out our Shrine in Shadow guide for more help unlocking the Armor of the Colossus.

Ghost Of Sparta Armor

You can get some pretty great-looking Kratos armor for if you can figure out the riddle in the Shrine of Ash on Iki Island's east coast.
You can get some pretty great-looking Kratos armor for if you can figure out the riddle in the Shrine of Ash on Iki Island’s east coast.

The Ghost of Sparta Armor, which plays homage to God of War protagonist Kratos, is found in the Shrine of Ash near the east coast of Iki Island. The shrine is a callback to the 2018 God of War, and you’ll find that the riddle in the shrine is all about Kratos and his son Atreus.

Use our Shrine of Ash guide to help you unlock the Ghost of Sparta armor.

Yarnham Vestments Armor

Dress like Eileen the Crow by solving the mystery of the Blood-Stained Shrine on the west coast of Iki Island.

Head to the Blood-Stained Shrine near the west coast of Iki Island to find the Yarnham Vestments Armor. Both the suit and the shrine are based on Bloodborne, and specifically call up Eileen the Crow, one of the Hunters you meet during the course of the game.

Head to our Blood-Stained Shrine guide for assistance in solving its riddle and unlocking the Yarnham Vestments Armor.

Sarugami Armor

The Sarugami Armor requires you to have better timing for parries and dodges, but you'll get some devastating counter-attacks for your trouble.

You can unlock the Sarugami Armor by completing the Black Hand Riki Mythic Tale. To get access to it, continue through Iki Island’s main quest until Tenzo brings you to Fune’s Refuge for the first time. Once you’re there, listen to the storyteller in town to hear the legend of Black Hand Riki, a fearsome pirate. That’ll put you on the path to find the armor, which Black Hand Riki buried with his treasure after the mutiny that led to his death.

The quest will send you to find another survivor of Riki’s crew, who will direct you to find a hidden cave where the water glows. Wait at the camp where you find the survivor until it’s dark, then make your way to the northeast shore of Iki Island and look for glowing water. Eventually, make your way to the northern shore of Thunderhead Cliffs and look for a cave.

Look for the cave in the northeast corner of Iki Island; venture inside to find Black Hand Riki's lost armor.

Venture through it and you’ll complete the tale, claiming the Sarugami Armor for yourself. The monkey-themed armor encourages you to take more risks, but rewards you for doing so. It disables your standard parry ability, but gives you two counter-attacks for every Perfect Parry you land, while your Perfect Dodge damages any enemy nearby.

Sakai Horse Armor

Power up your horse's abilities in battle with the Kazusama Sakai Horse Armor.

In Zasho Bay on the east coast of Iki Island, you’ll find a group of refugees camping in a large shipwreck. One tells the story of Kazumasa Sakai–Jin’s father–and his fearsome, legendary horse. As you start to listen to the tale, Jin will reveal his true identity and get himself kicked out of the camp, forcing you to sneak back in to hear the rest of the storyteller’s yarn. That’ll kick off the Mythic Tale called The Kazumasa Sakai, which sends you to find Kazumasa’s horse armor on a nearby shipwreck.

Climb out onto the shipwrecks near the Sheltered Camp to reach the horse armor--it's in the furthest, largest ship, but it'll take some work to get there.

This is a fairly easy Mythic Tale to complete. Head south and climb out onto the shipwrecks in the cove nearby. Make your way out to the furthest ship, being careful to avoid the waves crashing on the rocks and wrecks–if they hit you, they’ll sweep you into the ocean, forcing you to find a place to climb back up onto the wrecks again.

When you reach the final ship, you can claim the Kazai Horse Armor for your steed. The armor makes your horse charge move more powerful, while making it a lot tougher for enemies to knock you off your horse.

Claiming the Sakai Horse Armor and the Sarugami Armor will get you the Treasures of the Past Trophy as well.

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