Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Guides, Tips, And Tricks Roundup (Spoiler-Free)

Ghost of Tsushima‘s Iki Island expansion has finally arrived, giving new and returning players an entirely new region to explore packed full of activities and collectibles to complete. Many of the base game’s activities and collectibles return on Iki Island, such as Hot Springs and Bamboo Strikes, but there are also quite a few new things to do. To help you navigate everything that Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion throws at you, we’ve compiled all of our guides below for your reference.

For more about Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion, be sure to read our full review. Otherwise, you can check out our guides roundup for the base game for even more help.

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How To Access The Iki Island Expansion

Like most post-launch content, Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion requires you to complete a few essential steps before you can access it. We’ve outlined the exact steps in our guide discussing the subject.

Bamboo Strike Location Guide

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Iki Island expansion is a fair bit more difficult than the base game. We highly recommend seeking out the Bamboo Strikes to increase Jin’s Resolve in battle if you want to survive. The little bit extra you’ll get from these new ones will help make all the difference in the long run.

Hot Springs Location Guide

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The addition of a few new Hot Springs was also likely put in to help you deal with the difficulty increase. Be sure to get to these Hot Springs on Iki Island to increase Jin’s maximum health.

Haiku Location Guide

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It always helps to relax a bit after a tense encounter out in the field. Writing a Haiku is a good way to do just that, and the Iki Island expansion adds about three new ones you can do, which all earn you new headbands to wear. Here’s our guide detailing the location of every Haiku spot.

Shinto Shrine Location Guide

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A lone Shinto Shrine stands on the outskirts of Iki Island, once again holding a powerful charm that can help you in more ways than one. Here’s our guide detailing how to find Iki Island’s Nakajima Shrine.

Archery Challenge Location Guide

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On Iki Island, you can participate in Archery Challenges, which will test your ability to use a bow. These challenges are scattered throughout Iki Island and are well worth completing for the charm you get, which increases the window of Jin’s Concentration. In our guide, we detail where they all are and provide insight toward how to unlock one that isn’t as readily obvious as you think.

Deer Sanctuary Location Guide

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One of the more pleasant activities you’ll get to do in Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion is create animal sanctuaries for some of the local fauna, which in turn helps Jin recall memories of his mother. One of the animal populations you’ll help is the island’s deer! Here’s a guide detailing where to find all the Deer Sanctuaries.

Monkey Sanctuary Location Guide

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Aside from deer, you’ll also help out Iki Island’s monkeys. Unfortunately, many of them have been taken hostage by the Mongols, so it’s your job to liberate them. Here’s a guide detailing where you can find all the Monkey Sanctuaries on Iki Island.

Memory Location Guide

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While helping the animal population helps Jin reminisce about his mother, there’s another activity on Iki Island that’s focused entirely on his relationship with his father. These locations scattered across the island represent key memories Jin shared with his father during their time there, giving you more insight into his tragic past. To help you find them all, we’ve outlined their locations in our memories guide.

Wind Shrine Location Guide

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Most of Iki Island’s activities are relatively simple to complete, but the Wind Shrines are entirely different. These special areas on Iki Island present you with cryptic hints, challenging you to solve them by wearing special outfit combinations to unlock the secret PlayStation game franchise-themed armor sets they offer. We’ve detailed how to solve all three Wind Shrines in our guides below.

Armor Guide

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Speaking of armor sets, if you’re curious about how to get all the other sets found in the Iki Island expansion, then be sure to check out our full armor guide. It includes details on the sets you can get by completing the expansion’s Mythic Tales.

How To Unlock The Crimson Dye Merchant

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The Iki Island expansion introduces a new dye merchant where you can buy crimson versions of your existing armor sets. However, it’s a bit of a process to unlock the merchant, as you can’t simply find him out in the world. Here’s our guide detailing all the steps.

Monkey See Hidden Trophy Guide

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If you’re one for unlocking cryptic Hidden Trophies, you’ll be please to know that Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island has one that requires you to perform actions at a key location that you might not intuit to do during your first sweep of the area. The trophy is called Monkey See, and it’s quite involved. Here’s our guide detailing how to unlock this Hidden Trophy.

How To Find All The Easter Eggs

If the shot of the Infamous Easter egg above got your attention, then you’ll be happy to know that the Iki Island expansion has a ton of other Easter eggs to find. Here’s our guide detailing where they all are.

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