Aliens: Fireteam Elite Gunner Class Guide

Every team needs a versatile and reliable grunt in its ranks, and Aliens: Fireteam Elite has just such a character class for players to try out when they first start the game. Gunners may not have access to cutting-edge gear like Technicians and Recon soldiers, but they’re dependable fighters that have been designed to not only dish out a ton of damage, but to do so quickly as well. If you’re looking to play through the game with a straightforward approach, here’s everything that you need to know about the Gunner’s classic approach to wiping out bugs in Aliens: Fireteam Elite.

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A damage-dealer on the front line, the Gunner has access to a range of Rifle-class and CQW-class weapons in their arsenal.


  • Overclock
  • Frag grenade

The Frag grenade pretty much does what it says right out of the box, delivering an explosive attack that can easily wipe out any cannon fodder enemies caught within its area of effect. For players looking to unload an entire magazine of ammo into a tough Xenomorph Warrior, the Overclock ability is a handy buff that supercharges the Gunner’s fire rate and reload speed.

Unique ability – Stay on Target

Dealing damage grants you bonus damage stacks of 2% each. Stacks fall off when you stop dealing damage, and pile up to 10 times, for a total damage buff of 20%.

Core Perks

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  • Gunner CQW Training – Increases the magazine capacity and stability of CQWs by 15%
  • Gunner Rifle Training – Increases rifle reload speed and range by 15%
  • Focus Fire – Damaging a target causes them to take 2% more damage, with this effect stacking up to five times
  • Short, Controlled Bursts – Stability for the first four rounds fired in each burst is greatly increased; this effect is halved for non-automatic weapons
  • Mobility – Gunners get 10% increase in movement speed, 20% increase in stun recovery, and Stay on Target duration increased by 50%


  • Incendiary Burst – Replaces Frag grenade with a device that releases a series of microbombs, causing cascading explosions
  • Remote Detonator – Allows for your explosive device to be attached to a target and remote-detonated; can automatically detonate as well if left unattended
  • Rapid Deployment – Ability recharge speed is increased by 20%
  • Quickload Interlink – Overclock instantly reloads your gun when activated, and the 50% reload speed increase buff now applies to entire team
  • Targets Acquired – When you have full stacks of Stay on Target, you ability recharge speed is greatly increased
  • Smart-Link Reliability Circuit – Overclock now also increases your team’s stability by 25% and aim assist by 50%
  • Gunner CQW Expertise – Reload speed and handling are increased by 15% for CQWs
  • Gunner Rifle Expertise – Fire rate and stability of auto rifles are increased by 15%
  • Suppressing Fire – Focus Fire slows the target down by 5% for each stack
  • Let’s Rock – Accuracy for the first four rounds fired in each burst is greatly increased; this effect is halved for non-automatic weapons
  • Gunner Rifle Mastery – Accuracy and weak point damage from rifles are increased by 15%
  • Gunner CQW Mastery – Fire rate and accuracy are increased by 15%
  • Shrapnel – You grenade attack now causes a bleed effect, causing targets to take an additional 50% damage from the blast over 10 seconds
  • Targets Engaged – Each stack of Stay on Target also increases your movement and reload speeds by 1%


A beginner-friendly class, Gunners are focused on finding a target and unleashing everything that they have in its general direction. When complemented by Recon, Technicians, and Docs, Gunners excel at dishing out massive damage to anything in their path, using their versatile skillset to wreak havoc on Xenomorphs from middle and close-range positions. A selection of burst and automatic rifles take full advantage of their perks and anything that gets too close to the Gunner can be knocked back with an overloaded blast of close-quarters offense from the numerous shotguns available in the game.

While the frag grenade mods are helpful, it’s the Gunner’s selection of modifiers for the Overclock ability that makes them a terrific teammate, as they spread a number of beneficial buffs to their fellow troopers that allow a barrage of lead to be fired into well-armored opponents. Combined with an aggressive approach and a paranoid mindset to shooting anything with a pulse in front of you, the Gunner is a classic Aliens soldier who should always function as the tip of the spear in any encounter.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. For more on the game, you can check out our review and our other guides that’ll get you prepped for the fight ahead.

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