Crypto Exchange Bybit and E-sports Organization Astralis Reach a Three-year Cooperation Agreement

The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit announced a three-year cooperation agreement with the e-sports organisation Astralis, aiming to expand the connection of cryptocurrency in the e-sports industry.

The official announcement stated that the Bybit’s logo would be shown on the front of Astralis’ counter-strike jersey and displayed in digital form on its streaming media platform and social media platforms. This collaboration aims to strengthen ties between the fastest-growing shared population communities.

Ben Zhou, the Co-Founder and CEO of Bybit, said that the cryptocurrency industry has a special connection with the e-sports industry-both are in a stage of rapid growth and are highly competitive. He commented on this cooperation:

“We are extremely proud of teaming up with an organization like Astralis, who for years have been a dominant factor in esports and who have significantly contributed to a more positive view of esports and gaming.”

Through the interaction between player jerseys and digital platforms, Bybit will also actively participate in joining player participation, carbon neutrality initiatives, financial education, and related publicity activities in the next few years.

Meanwhile, the co-founder and CRO of Astralis Jakob Lund Kristensen revealed that this cooperation is an important transaction regardless of the number of funds or the brand. Both sides aim to support the enthusiasm of the game, stating that:

“It is the largest partnership deal we have entered to date, and just as important, the purpose of the agreement and activation around it is almost the perfect match with ours.”

Part of the transaction agreement also includes Astralis’s delivery of e-sports talent to the upcoming World Series of Trading (WSOT) held by Bybit.

WSOT is an annual gamified cryptocurrency trading competition hosted by Bybit. Astralis will announce the captain of the WSOT 2021 force on its official social media today, on August 24.

This year, group and single players will compete for a prize pool of up to $7.5 million, about five times the previous year’s sum.

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