Destiny 2 Cross-Play Names Come To Season Of The Lost, But Choose Wisely

Destiny 2’s cross-play will be available in Season 15, named Season of the Lost. In the This Week At Bungie post, the developer listed some reminders for players concerning Bungie Names starting next season with cross-play. Just be careful when you choose your name. If you don’t like it, it could be a while before you get a new one.

The username on the platform the player first logs in to Season 15 with will become that player’s Bungie Name. For example, if someone logs on to Destiny 2 in Season of the Lost on their PlayStation, the username on that platform will become their Bungie Name overall. Name changes won’t be available at the start of the season either. If players have a preferred platform name, they should hop into Destiny 2 first on that platform to create their Bungie Name.

Bungie’s preview of Bungie Names during Season of the Lost

For players using Steam, their profile name will be their Bungie Name. Keep in mind that this is not referring to the Steam account name, just the profile name.

Bungie Names can’t have “platform ID numbers, non-standard characters, and symbols.” As Bungie detailed earlier, “It is possible that due to removing these characters, players will end up with empty names, or names that result in offensive terms.” If a player’s name violates Destiny 2’s Code of Conduct, their name will change to “Guardian.”

Also, these names can be up to 26 characters. Cyrillic characters are available for languages Destiny 2 supports. Japanese, Korean, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese are also supported.

Bungie introduced Bungie Names in a previous TWAB, which talked about connecting with cross-platform friends, PvP matchmaking, voice chat, and changes to Destiny 2’s Roster.

Additionally, this TWAB gave an in-depth look at weapon tuning next season and major changes to Primary weapons.

Season of the Lost starts at 10 AM PT on August 24, right after The Witch Queen showcase.

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