Grab a $15 pair of 6-outlet surge protectors with USB charging ports


Surge protectors are one of those things I always forget to buy but I (shamefully) have several walls in which appliances, lamps and other home electronics are in a perpetual battle over a spot in the outlet. Today is the day I turn it all around because I just found a two-pack of Aduro surge protectors each with six outlets and two USB charging ports for $15 via Daily Steals. That’s the final, final price too, since Daily Steals offers free shipping and free returns on these puppies. 

One thing to really love about these oval Aduro models is that each one has two outlets that aren’t directly next to another, making them perfect spots for those bigger, more cumbersome plugs that tend to block the space for neighboring plugs (air conditioners and computer chargers, to name a few). If you don’t need 12 outlets of extra pluggage, you can also nab one unit for $9, and that also includes free shipping. 

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