Get A Year Of NordVPN For Under $60

For protecting your online presence, one of your best options is NordVPN . With a subscription to NordVPN, you can ensure that your connection to the internet is secure. You can get a one-year membership for the discounted rate of $59 for a limited time. Rated 5/5 stars on PC Mag and CNET, NordVPN is as acclaimed as VPNs come.

Your activity won’t be recorded, meaning your frantic health-related searches won’t lead to weeks of ads that just make you more anxious. Plus, you can bypass content restrictions: A lot of websites, such as Netflix and other streaming platforms, use location tracking to limit what you’re able to watch if you’re in a certain place. That’s because of licensing agreements that companies sign to restrict specific shows or movies from certain markets. NordVPN allows you to get past that by giving you 3,521 server locations in 61 countries that you can log onto. And you can do that from any place, public or private connections alike, with the security provided through the double encrypted double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption.

You can get a one-year subscription to NordVPN at the discounted price of $60 . You’ll feel better about your time online before you know it, especially once you stop getting so many annoying tracking ads.

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