Aliens: Fireteam Elite Synthetic Enemy Guide – Every Type And How To Kill Them

Unlike other enemies in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Synthetic androids require a very different approach when encountered. Armed to the teeth and completely fearless, here’s a rundown of the blue-skinned Weyland-Yutani soldiers that you’ll need to fight with actual tactics and intelligence. For more guides, be sure to check out our Aliens: Fireteam Elite guide roundup.

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Working Joe

“Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant” as they were described in Alien: Isolation, Working Joes aren’t too much of a threat. Android cannon fodder, these working units are armed with a wrench and can easily be taken down. If they do get close, though, they’re a disruptive presence that can do moderate damage.

Synth Guards and Troopers

They might be fragile, but these more advanced Synthetic troopers are still a force to be reckoned with and necessitate the use of cover-based tactics to deal with. Headshots are always effective, but Synth Guards are adept at also taking cover, have impressive levels of marksmanship, and they won’t hesitate to focus all of their attention on a single target that hasn’t yet found a safe barrier to hunker behind.

Containment Synth

Armed with a bulletproof shield, Containment Synths will slowly push forward while absorbing gunfire. There is a small gap in their shield to fire through if you’re skilled enough, but your best option when dealing with these troops is to let one player draw their attention and then circle behind them to take advantage of their exposed weak point. Electric rounds also work well, as being hit with this ammo-type will cause the Synths to drop their shields momentarily.

Synth Warden

Synth Warden
Synth Warden

Stronger, more durable, and able to issue commands, the Synth Warden is also easily identified by its cutting-edge baseball cap and its habit of throwing grenades at your position. When driven into a corner, it can activate its own Overclock ability to fire off rounds more quickly.

Synth Detonators

Even the Synthetic troops have a kamikaze unit, which happens to take the shape of a headless automaton that can somehow see you and won’t waste time rushing your position. Once they reach their mark, Synth Detonators will automatically self-destruct, damaging you and any equipment caught in their blast radius.

Synth Sniper

Not only do these Synthetics boast the best accuracy in the game, they’re also positioned well across the map, and they’ll easily shave huge chunks of health off of players caught in their crosshairs. Stick to cover, quickly close the gap when they stop aiming, and take out the ultimate marksman up close and personal if you’re wielding weapons that don’t work too well from long distances.

Synth Incinerator And Synth Heavy

Synth Heavy
Synth Heavy

The ultimate Synthetic combat unit, these combat androids are heavily armored and come equipped either with a flamethrower or a minigun. Essentially Demolishers, the heavy Synths will walk through whatever you throw at them and the best tactic for dealing with them is to once again focus fire, make ample use of your special abilities, and pop a consumable such as an electrified landmine.

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