Saints Row: Self Made lets you steal your way into a criminal startup

Like a boss.

Deep Silver Volition

As we saw in a brief Gamescom debut preview trailer for the eagerly awaited update to the franchise, a reboot of Saint Row shows us a gang of four uses some high-power weaponry to steal a drug drop from…another gang with high-power weaponry. The game is slated for release on Feb. 25 of next year.

It will launch for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and for the PC via the Epic Games Store.

In what star Bryce Charles calls “a fresh approach to Saints Row,” four friends heist a drug drop with acrobatic driving — a car chase including flights across rooftops and a backflip from a motorcycle into the seat of a convertible — as well meeting rocket launchers with rocket launchers. And the obligatory crap-the-car-stalled moment.

Watch for more information about the game soon.

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