Psychonauts 2 Hollis’s Classroom Collectibles Guide

The Psychonauts 2 adventure continues in Hollis’s Classroom, with Raz and the other interns venturing into the mind of Agent Hollis Forsythe for a chance to learn a new power: Mental Connection. You’ll need it to fully explore her mind (and to do some not-great things in there), as well as to uncover all the collectibles Hollis’s Classroom hides, to maximize your Intern rank.

Here’s everything to find in Hollis’s classroom and how you can snag it. Stay tuned for more Psychonauts 2 coverage and guides, including our rundown of all the collectibles in Loboto’s Labyrinth and don’t forget to check out our Psychonauts 2 review.

Hollis’s Classroom Collectibles

  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 3
  • Memory Vaults: 1
  • Emotional Baggage: Hat Box, Steamer Trunk
  • Half-A-Minds: 2
  • Figments: 42

Like Loboto’s Labyrinth, Hollis’s Classroom is still introducing new elements in Psychonauts 2. The big power you gain here is Mental Connection, which can be used to reach distant platforms and other locations–and grab collectibles.

Steamer Trunk Tag: Before you leave the classroom, check the outer ring of chairs on the lower level to find this tag.

Nugget of Wisdom: This ought to be your first Nugget in the game, and you’ll come across it as you use Mental Connection to climb out of the classroom. You can’t miss it.

Nugget of Wisdom: Continuing through the level, you’ll find yourself in the back of an ambulance driven by Hollis. When you return the way you came, you’ll exit in front of a hospital. Check the bushes along the wall bordering the left side of the area when facing the entrance to find this Nugget.

Hat Box Emotional Baggage: The Hat Box is in the corner of the parking lot to the right of the entrance. To get the tag to open it, use Mental Connection to reach the hospital’s roof and check the right corner right above where you found the Hat Box.

Steamer Trunk Emotional Baggage: While you’re up on the hospital roof, head to the left, just above the hospital entrance, and check behind the pipes to find the Steamer Trunk.

Half-A-Mind: The first of these collectibles you’ll encounter is inside the hospital, right in the center of the first room.

Half-A-Mind: Look for the other half of the Half-A-Mind on one of the platforms as you use Mental Connection to grapple through the air.

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Memory Vault: After you connect the Death and Victory thoughts, you’ll access a hallway. The Vault is running just ahead of you; smash it to open it.

Nugget of Wisdom: The last Nugget in this stage is in Hollis’s church-like Quiet Room. Check the pew on the left side at the front to find the Nugget.

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