Primordial “Hyper-Eye” Discovered: Astonishing 390 Million-Year-Old Hyper-Compound Eye With 200 Lenses

Phacops geesops, a trilobite from the Devonian age. The animal’s eyes consist of 200 single lenses each, spanning six small facets, which again form one eye each. Credit: Dr. Brigitte Schoenemann

Trilobites of the suborder Phacopina had a unique eye in which about 200 large lenses in each eye spanned at least six individual facets, each of which in turn formed its own small compound eye / 40-year-old X-ray photographs by amateur paleontologist Wilhelm Stürmer show fossilized eye nerves.
An international research team has found an eye system in trilobites of the suborder Phacopina from the Devonian (390 million years B.P.) that …