Self-sensing artificial muscle-based on liquid crystal elastomer and low-melting point alloys

Multifunctional artificial muscle composed of PDA-coated tubular LCE and LMPA rod. (A) Multifunctional artificial muscle consisted of tubular LCE actuator coated with PDA and LMPA rod. (B) Fabrication steps of the multifunctional artificial muscle: Polydomain LCE was made in tubular and rod-shaped glass molds; monodomain LCE was obtained by stretching the polydomain LCE and photopolymerizing excess acrylate groups under the UV light; the PDA-coated LCE-based tubular actuator was formed by immersing the tubular LCE into dopamine/tris base buffer solution; multifunctional artificial muscle was obtained by embedding the LMPA rod into the PDA-coated LCE-based tubular actuator. Scale bars, 15 mm. (C) …

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