Researchers use ‘complexity’ as a guiding tool to make phase retrieval easier for coherent X-ray imaging

Reconstruction from noisy diffraction data using RAAR-ER and CG-RAAR algorithms. (a) Ground-truth amplitude for red blood cell (RBC) object (phase not shown). Simulated noisy oversampled Fourier intensity data of RBC in (a) corresponding to average light levels of (b) 1000 photons/pixel and (c) 500 photons/pixel. The data are shown as |G|0.1 for the display purpose. Solutions recovered after (d, e) 1000 iterations of RAAR alone and (f, g) after concluding the solution in (d) and (e) by 100 ER steps and (h, i) 1000 CG-RAAR iterations from the noisy data shown in (b) and (c), respectively. For both the noisy data cases, the …

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