Binance Futures Drops XRP and TUSD Support in Multi-Assets Mode

Binance Futures Ends Support for XRP and TUSDIn a recent announcement, Binance Futures, which is part of the Binance exchange, has declared that it will cease support for two cryptocurrencies, XRP and TUSD, as margin assets in the Multi-Assets Mode. This change will take effect from 06:00 (UTC) on 28th May 2024.The transfer-in limit for XRP and TUSD in the Multi-Assets Mode has already been updated to zero from 06:00 (UTC) on 14th May 2024.Conversion of Remaining BalancesAfter the aforementioned time and date, any remaining XRP and TUSD balances in USDⓈ-M Futures wallets will be automatically converted to USDT within approximately 24 …

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