A new strategy for fabricating high-density vertical organic electrochemical transistor arrays

High-density monolithically integrated vOECT arrays fabricated by e-beam exposure. a, Photograph of 2-inch wafer-scale vOECT arrays comprising bgDPP-g2T OECTs. Inset, zoomed-in microscope image of the vOECT arrays. b, Transconductance map of the wafer-scale vOECTs; the spots indicate the measured devices. c, Transfer characteristics of 100 bgDPP-g2T vOECTs (W = d = 10 µm). d–f, Low (d) and high (e) magnification optical microscopy images, and CPOM image (f) of a bgDPP-g2T vOECT array. g, Circuit schematic of 10 × 10 vOECT active-matrix arrays (DL = drain line, SL = source line). h, Transconductance distribution in the 10 × 10 bgDPP-g2T vOECT arrays. i, Statistical distribution histograms …

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