Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Leaks: You Messed Up Acheron’s Build (But It’s Not Your Fault)


A few players may have made mistakes in Acheron’s build, affecting her performance in Honkai: Star Rail.

A new rumored 4-star Light Cone could enhance Acheron’s offensive capabilities significantly.

Good Night and Sleep Well may have competition as a top 4-star weapon substitute for Acheron in Honkai: Star Rail 2.2.

Several players have already messed up Acheron’s build, according to new Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 leaks, though that is not entirely their fault. Acheron is one of the new 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1. The so-called Galaxy Ranger is a Lightning Nihility character that deals raw damage to opponents …