How Metaverse will impact the future of Influencer Marketing for Creators

METAVERSE— This one term has seemingly turned the whole world upside down since its inception and created ripples in the world and taken the virtual world by storm. This article will take you closer to understanding Metaverse and what role it plays in the Influencer Marketing landscape, for creators.

Marking the words of Mark Zuckerberg, Metaverse is soon going to take the content consumption to an all-new fascinating level, the level, never imagined before. Hitherto, we have just been acquainted with the idea of content creation and consumption but now for the first time ever, while consuming the content, you can be in the middle of the content too. Imagine waking up one day, stretching yourself and as you push the comforter aside, you find your dog, wagging his tail on the bedside to indicate that he’s ready for the morning walk and you should brace yourself up to give him the one right away. As you pull your dog and step outside, you’re jogging with your dog in the lawns of New York and the weather is autumn. You realize you should have kept some warm blazers for you and your dog too.

What? Spinning and scratching your head in a frenzy? Well, this is what Metaverse is all about. The parallel universe is composed of everything Meta. Sounds unreal right? Well, this unreal has already become a reality. Now, as Mark quoted, rather than staring into your blinking phone screens, you can get away from your phones for real and spend some real, quality time with your loved ones.

Diving deep into how this works

Zuckerberg further added that people have been spending a lot of time on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and now they can even live here. Meet, greet and go way beyond just interacting with each other through screens. They can actually live inside them. Imagine not just sending the picture of the yummy pasta you’re relishing with your friends but also going inside the screen and relishing the same together. Eating samosas and pastas with your friends whenever you want to at any place with them without caring to travel to them all the way. You can be the live spectator and attend the Billie Eilish concert in London, being present in the concert Fortnite just like a swish of a wand. Remember, the kind of magical powers that only existed within the superheroes of our Indian Mythology and how they could teleport from one place to another, from one planet to another with a blink of an eye, this is what exactly has been transpired through the origin of Metaverse. Metaverse is just a superpower that could only be found in the fantasy characters such as Vampires and Fairies and the display of the same could only be experienced keeping us all glued to our screens for hours in the mythological dramas such as Ramayana and Mahabharata where gods and angels would appear on earth, instantly the moment their name is chanted. Metaverse has almost turned this fascination into reality. Not exactly like this though but yeah to a greater extent this is what it is.

Coming to how exactly this works, it works on an Avatar-based model that will be doing most of the activities. This will be your Avatar that will be created by you and in the words of Matthew Ball (A former Amazon Director) explained that Metaverse is a collective virtual space. An amalgamation of virtual and physical reality. Internet, Augmented and Virtual Reality that never goes offline; always open, always online. The one of a kind parallel universe with its own economy, shopping malls, artists, job opportunities, and media. It’s a thread that binds and a connecting tissue with humankind at large.

This is just the universe in which the user can do anything they want, they can shop, socialize, even study together, conduct meetings together—imagine being in the same meeting room with someone sitting in the US and you’re in India since Metaverse will enable the formation of a virtual conference room where people can sit together and conduct meetings and conferences.

How this is going to impact Influencer Marketing

Undeniably, Metaverse is likely to have a huge impact on Influencer Marketing. It is going to transform the entire social media landscape for creators; for the better. As Zuckerberg said, Social Media is likely to become an integral part of Metaverse; or better will merge into it.

In today’s times, the Creator’s economy is on a tremendous rise. The whole new world seems to have borne out of it. With Metaverse, there is likely to be a surge in the availability of the data for the advertisers at large, and the sophisticated, indirect, and soft targeting will be accelerated to an all-new level. Brands are and will be expected to develop their digital twins and follow and dictate the new trends in Metaverse. In addition to this, for creators, there will be a whole new aspect of interaction and communication that will come into play.

Yes, you can start humming the song of the famous Disney live-action Aladdin movie – “A whole New World already”. Now, food influencers can cook together with other peer influencers, fashion and lifestyle influencers can recreate amazing looks for their fans altogether. The fans can literally go inside and meet their favourite influencers and celebrities and have a brunch together with them, without physically going towards them and meeting them. It’s going to be a space with absolutely no boundaries and you can enter, create, sell and just be around with people you want to.  

There is no hyperbole to say that Metaverse is likely to make Influencer Marketing go off the roof and turn it around into a multibillion-dollar Industry. Since the industry is pretty new and brands are gradually adapting to it, embracing it for their brand marketing needs and starting to consider it as a viable marketing strategy to make their brand an instant success across domains and platforms and this can happen quicker than you realize. Creators will have new opportunities to trade and sell off their digital artwork. So, it majorly depends on companies and brands how they’re going to make the most of it and how they will leverage it. If they choose to miss out on the boom, they might miss out on making the most of it. The possibilities are endless and infinite, only if taken the right way and taken advantage of at the right time.